Reirinck , a monumental group accommodation and conference facilities.

At Zwolle, near Groenlo : one of the most beautiful parts of the Achterhoek . Here you will find the monumental farm Het Reirinck . Formerly known to many as ” Brouwer Reirinck ” .
Since 1662. A farm with a rich history, also in the field of hospitality . The name refers to one of the first inhabitants of the farm : brewer Jan Hendrik Reirinck , born on August 6, 1765 . He started brewing beer under the name ” The Golden Button “. Old receipts confirm this particular name. Apart from neighbors and farmers, the clientele of Reirinck comprised diverse groups. Café owners, notables, but also the clergy from the immediate surroundings, enjoyed this special beer.

Own well
Gold Button-beer consisted of at least three major ingredients. Barley for beer was mainly supplied by local farmers, they would receive beer in return. A pure barterdeal. The barley was stored in the attic of the farm . The hoist system that was used for this purpose, is still present today. Another ingredient for beer, hops, came from the garden. The hop plant with its characteristic smell can still be found in the nearby forest. The third main ingredient was water, from Reirinck’s private well. This bottomless pit proved a source for neighbours and other fellow citizens during dry seasons. The water pump has been rebuilt later and is still standing strong next to the farm.


In addition to the brewery, the local Reirinck café was an impressive attraction. For many, a place to relax, to disuss daily affairs or the weather forecast. Or to celebrate the annual Maymarket and fun fair. Many marriages have started here during these events. And these days you can marry at Reirinck, which is the official wedding location of the municipality of East Gelderland. The Reirinck is a hospitality company, with a personal touch. Many families, businesses, friends, couples and other groups find their way to the Reirinick as group. Today, they choose this place again because of the authentic, typical Achterhoekse character, where people take time to talk, and enjoy a beer.