All the following activities are offered at the Reirinck and take place at our own unique location!
Also in the surroundings of the Reirinck there is a lot to experience! We can provide many exciting games and events. We have various activities in Achterhoekse landscape just for you. These activities are suitable for groups of friends, families and businesses.

Activities at The Reirinck


  • Traditional Dutch wooden games in all farm locations.
  • Pool tables in all accommodations (except for Voorhuis and Landhuis)
  • Football table in the Voorhuis.
  • Football pitch
  • Volleyball pitch
  • Playground and sandbox for the little ones
  • Trampolines
  • Reception desk can provide walking and cycling maps


Raptor Demonstration


Accompanied by top falconers you will be working with different birds of prey. Topics that will be discussed are: communication, cooperation, leadership, creativity, resourcefulness and judgment. Above all you can enjoy the beauty of each unique bird of prey.




Led by top coachmen you can participate in guiding two(or more)-horse carriages as a reflection and team-building tool. The team of horses acts as mirror and indicator of the inner world of each participant and the quality of interaction of the team. By interacting with horses and coachmen, new insights about yourself and the team emerge.




Keep you active in nature at a fun group event? Why not choose for this Achterhoekse traditional sport: klootschieten. You will be sent away from our accommodation, with some balls and a rake. With your team you follow a route by shooting the balls. You compete against other teams. The aim is to establish the route in as little time and with as little throws as possible. Klootschieten is a fun activity for your family, friends, team or staff outing. We have 3 shoot routes: 1, 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours.


Wine tasting


Viticulture in the Netherlands is popular, a new phenomenon. In our Achterhoek we can show you the local produce. Choose an intimate tour in the vineyard within walking distance of the Reirinck. With this enthusiastic, passionate winemaker all stages are discussed. From pruning to harvest. Of course your visit includes a tasting of several wines!




We have a large number of bikes for rent to enjoy the beautiful Achterhoeks scenery. We can provide you with maps and our own favorite cycling routes, from a short ride in the immediate vicinity to full day tours. We are located on three AA routes and the network node of the major cycling organisation in the Netherlands.




Reirinck It is located in the national landscape. Adjacent to 15 hectares of forest, in an area of ​​high landscape value. Characterised by many canals, oak avenues and esgronden.
Ideal for real bird and nature lovers. The kingfisher is here again recently (on the river Slinge). Stand birds are for example the green, the black and the great spotted woodpecker, buzzard, the marsh warbler, the owl and the nightingale. Several hiking trails are waiting for you, ranging from ½ hour to 1 hour and 2 day tours. You can start and end at Het Reirinck.


Covered wagon ride


A trip by covered wagon through our beautiful patchwork landscape, woodland and hedgerows, where much of the former natural beauty has been preserved. The wagon is pulled by a team of Belgian horses or a team of Gelderland horses. The tour is suitable for young and old! NOTE: wheelchair accessible! The wagons are suitable for 10, 25 people or 40 people. Higher numbers require multiple wagons. You can choose  a one or two hour-tour.



When it is dark you depart from your accommodation with your group. In a covered wagon, your company will be dropped off in several places in the vicinity of the Reirinck. In advance we will discuss the maximum distance with you. The first group that is back on the site has won.


Cooking clinic

Under expert guidance you will prepare a culinary three-or four-course menu prepared with seasonal products. During the clinic, your company will be welcomed with a drink and the expert will explain about the further course of the evening. Then into the kitchen ….. Communication, teamwork and timing here are the success factors. 

In cooperation with specialized companies and under the guidance of professional instructors, we can offer a range of activities to offer when it comes to team building. But also for your relaxation, “learning and fun” we have original ideas for your stay.



The following relaxing activities we offer in collaboration with a professional event companies. For a free quote, please contact The Reirinck: 0544-461820

  • compass Tour
  • GPS Tour
  • GPS/SMS Tour
  • smugglingdropping
  • Orientation Tour at Night
  • murder Tour
  • scooter tour
  • skeeler Tour
  • skeeler Clinic
  • Kickbikees
  • Longbow / airgun
  • laser Shooting
  • Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Shoot-O-Rama
  • Bootcamp / sports days
  • Rodeo Bull
  • Theme party ‘Farmers’
  • Theme party ‘Casino’
  • Theme party ‘Tirol’
  • Football table
  • crate Stacking
  • Gladiator Game
  • Sumo Wrestling
  • Climbing
  • Bungee Run
  • Climbing Tower