Bed & Breakfast Het Voorhuis

The Voorhuis is located in the beautifully restored historic farmhouse. Until 1974 the Voorhuis was used as a cafe. For many years guests had their beer or jenever here.  The Voorhuis can also be rented together with The Apartment and Landhuisje ‘The Country House’.

Features: 6-16 people, authentic living room, bar with beer tap, fireplace;, WIFI, 4 two bedrooms for 3 persons. Depending on the size of your group we can provide extra bedrooms.

Important features of the property

  • 4 double / triple bedrooms.
  • Suitable for 16 people (more beds and rooms are available and can be rented together with Apartment The Country Cottage, see description for The House PLUS)
  • All rooms have washing basins and closets.
  • Spacious, luxurious showers and toilets.
  • comfortable furnished dining and living area, 45 m2.
  • Attractive fireplace.
  • Private spacious terrace, illuminated in the evening.
  • Large private recreation field with swings, goals, trampolines.
  • Well equipped kitchen with industrial dishwasher.
  • Bar with beer tap and sound
  • Old Dutch games.
  • WIFI